2017 AS Level results at Rainey Endowed School were excellent

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Our pupils have built upon their prior success at GCSE in 2016 and we commend them for their hard work and success. These are the best AS results for Rainey Endowed School pupils over the past number of years. The demanding nature of our society for achievement and success is met squarely and directly by all those from Rainey Endowed School. We are particularly pleased with the depth of quality shown by our pupils. We look forward to these AS results being substantiated into full ‘A’ Levels next year, opening the prospects of our pupils for years to come.


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5 pupils achieved four grade A passes:

Martin Cudden

Rachel Curry
Leanne McKinley
Annie O’Boyle
Aaron Sampson


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15 pupils achieved three A grades:
Adam Adair
Rachel Brown
Sophie Brown
Ellen Campbell
Ryan Devlin
Catherine Elliott
Kathryn Glendinning
Sarah Henry
Paul McErlean
Patrick McGowan
Alannah McKeown
Caitlin McPeake (Not in Photo)
Rachel Neill
Ethan Smyth
Abbie Speers

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A further 26 pupils achieved two A grades:
Russell Armstrong
Thomas Ballantine (Not in Photo)
Cara Brown
Alex Burns
Abigail Chambers
Ross Clarke
Jack Connor (Not in Photo)
Carrie Convery
Courtney Rose Crilly (Not in Photo)
Joe Doherty
Ryan Doherty
Laura Fullerton
Alan Goodwin

Stephen Greer
Ellen Hamilton
Sam Hardy
Jonah Hastings (Not in Photo)
William Hawe (Not in Photo)
David Lennox
Lydia Nesbitt
Adam Rowe
Rachel Savage
Sarah Sloss
Sarah Thomson
Adam Thornton
Victoria Walls (Not in Photo)