Rainey Endowed pupils have excelled at ‘A’ Level examinations in 2017

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We are delighted with our excellent results at ‘A’ Level – 52% of all our entries were at A*/A grades; 84% of all our entries were at A*-B and 95% of all entries were at A*-C and highlights the superb pastoral care and learning and teaching at ‘The Rainey’. All our staff and governors offer our congratulations and wish our students continued future success. I want to thank the parents, staff and pupils for all their hard work and support of ‘The Rainey’.


Rainey Endowed School pupils have excelled at A Level:

52% of all ‘A’ Level entries were at grade A*/A
84% of all our entries were at A*-B
95% of all passes were at grades A*-C
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Rachel Burns and Sarah Paul achieved four grade A* passes:

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A further 4 pupils achieved four A*/A grade passes:
Amy Booth
Annie Lennox
Roksana Malinowska (Not in Photo)
Stewart Thomson

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A further 18 pupils achieved three A*/A grades:
Megan Campbell
Abbie Convery
Stuart Drennan
Rachel Ferguson
Alice Hardy
Andrew Hawe
Amy Junkin
Charlotte McCready
Erin McIvor
Caitlin Mulholland
Helena Nugent
Caitlin Patterson
Tarryn Shiels
Todd Smyth
Laura Stewart
Aimee Taylor
Ellen Winder
Richard Winder

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A further 19 pupils achieved two A grades:
Simon Andrews
Jethro Barclay
Jillian Blair
Laura Bolton (Not in Photo)
Emily Brown
Sarah Caldwell
James Cunningham
Leah Fisher (Not in Photo)
Ellie Gibson
Adam Hunter

Roseanna Hunter
Jenny Keenan
Megan Law
Shantia Morgan (Not in Photo)
Amy Parke
James Parke
Andrew Rainey (Not in Photo)
Shea Toal (Not in Photo)
Laura Weir