Rainey Endowed pupils have excelled at ‘A’ Level examinations in 2019

We are delighted with our excellent results at ‘A’ Level – 51% of all our entries were at A*/A grades; 82% of all our entries were at A*-B and 97% of all entries were at A*-C and highlights the superb pastoral care and learning and teaching at ‘The Rainey’. These are our best ever results and we are so proud of our pupils. All staff and governors offer our congratulations and wish our students continued future success. I want to thank the parents, staff and pupils for all their hard work and support in aspiring for successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens.


Rainey Endowed School pupils have excelled at A Level:


• 51% of all ‘A’ Level entries were at grade A*/A
• 82% of all our entries were at A*-B
• 97% of all passes were at grades A*-C


• 3 pupils achieved three A* grades:
Ellie Beattie
Erin Henry
Emma Payne


• 19 pupils achieved three A*/A grades:
Alana Atkinson
Calum Bolton
Rachel Caulfield
Daniel Clarke
Megan Clarke
Jonathan Drennan
James Ferguson
Daniel Fulton
Lucy Gilmour
David Gregg
Laura Gregg
Nicole Kerr
Michael McFarland
Zac McMenemy
Christopher O’Neill
Bethany Scott
Kirstin Thom
Katie-Rose Thompson
Courtney Weir


• A further 19 pupils achieved two A grades:
Lauren Bleaks
Bronagh Boyle
Bethany Clarke
Alexandra Harkness
Jessica Henderson
Naomi Kelso Mason
Rebecca Leigh
Catriona Marshall
Rachel McBride
Ella McCaffrey
Rachel McClure
Gary McErlean
Sara McKeown
Martin McNulty
Eimear Nugent
Sara Semple
Emily Ussher
Hannah Wilson
Megan Wilson