The GCSE results at Rainey Endowed are outstanding

The GCSE results at Rainey Endowed are outstanding



The GCSE results at Rainey Endowed are outstanding.  21% of all passes were at A* grade and 62% at A*/A grade.  100% of all pupils achieved 7 or more A*-C grades including English and Mathematics.



Over 60 pupils in the year group had at least 6A*/A grades.


Four pupils attained 10A* Grades

Lara Bell

Zara Glendinning

Honor Graham

Catherine Turkington


Fifteen pupils attained 10A*/A Grades     

Katie Booth

Mollie Campbell

Evie Doherty

Sarah Evans

Zuzanna Gabrysiak

Kate Hamilton

Darcey Harkness

Mark Kissick

Alana McCann

Joanne O’Hagan

Stephen Phillips

Katie Scott

Lesley Shiels

Holly Weir

Nicole Wilson


Twelve pupils attained 9A*/A Grades        

Daniel Barfoot

Leah Clements

Kara Gilmour

Ellen Henderson

Shannon Houston

Adam Huey

Kathryn McClure

Maeve McHugh

Amy McKeown

Ellie Stewart

Thomas Toner

Charlotte Wilson


Seven pupils attained 8A*/A Grades       

Peter Campbell

Sarah Carlisle

Naomi McBride

Zach McCahon

Peter McGinley

Ellen O’Kane

Marc Scott


Seventeen pupils attained 7A*/A Grades

Reuben Bell

Tara Bergeron

Ryan Brown

Bethany Caskey

Sam Clarke

Alex Crawford

Thomas Currie

Ellen Dempsey

Nathan Fulton

Rachel Junkin

Ella McMenemy

Lucy Payne

Sabrina Pickering

Morgan-Nicole Purvis

Lucy Stevenson

Ben Taylor

Hannah Woolsey


Nine pupils attained 6A*/A Grades 

Jane Bell

Susanna Brown

Ethan Coey

Matthew Dripps

Laura Hall

Gareth Kirkwood

David Miller

Aoife Mulgrew

Joshua Overend


This is a fabulous display of the ability of our pupils.  These are our best ever GCSE grades.  Year 12 pupils should be proud of their achievements; they are a credit to the school.  I wish to acknowledge the excellent relationships that exist at all levels in the school.  Pupils work in collaboration with the staff of Rainey who always seek to serve each individual’s best interests.  Congratulations to our pupils, staff and parents who have helped us to maintain our excellent outcomes.