#Heartstart Training 2016



Rainey Endowed today held specialist Heartstart training for Year 11 pupils as part of an initiative supported by the Mid Ulster District Council to teach members of the public what to do in a life-threatening emergency.



Heartstart covers the following topics; dealing with the conscious casualty; dealing with the unconscious casualty; CPR skills; choking; heart attack signs and symptoms and serious bleeding. By providing opportunities for the pupils to learn and practise these skills, a person’s life may be saved if people at the scene know what to do until professional help arrives. In life threatening emergencies such as cardiac arrests, knowing what to do in the first few minutes can make the difference. Research shows that if someone is present who has the skills and ability to act quickly within minutes of collapse this provides the best possible outcome.”

Pupils were taken through the training by Mr Campbell, supported by Mr McDonnell and Mrs Quigley, with over 60 participants.