Rainey Endowed GCSE Examination Results 2016

10A*:A Grades


The GCSE results at Rainey Endowed have been excellent. 22% of all passes were at A* grade and 55% at A*/A grade. 99% of all examinations were passed at a standard of A*-C grade.

Half of the year group had at least 6A*/A grades.



Sarah Henry 10A* Grades




One pupil attained 10A* Grades
Sarah Henry

10A*:A Grades

Fifteen pupils attained 10A*/A Grades
Adam Adair
Rowan Bain
Cara Brown
Ellen Campbell
Martin Cudden
Pollyanne Fullerton Bungay
Kathryn Glendinning
Sam Hardy
Lauren Kyle
Leanne McKinley
Caitlin McPeake
Lydia Nesbitt
Annie O’Boyle
Aaron Sampson
Rachel Savage

9A*:A Grades

Seven pupils attained 9A*/A Grades
Sophie Brown
Ross Caskey
Rachel Curry
Ryan Doherty
Megan Mallon
Robyn Morton
Sarah Thomson

8A*:A Grades

Seven pupils attained 8A*/A Grades
Stephen Greer
Megan Henson
Greta Logue
Paul McErlean
Lauren Mulholland
Rachel Neill
Abbie Speers

7A*:A Grades

Fifteen pupils attained 7A*/A Grades
Russell Armstrong
Alex Burns
Zoe Crooks
Joe Doherty
Catherine Elliott Not in Photo
William Hawe Not in Photo
Matthew Kissick
David Lennox Not in Photo
Cora McGinley
Patrick McGowan
Sarah McGuckin
Richenda McPeake
Grace Miller
Mark Slane
Sarah Sloss Not in Photo

6A*:A Grades

Nine pupils attained 6A*/A Grades
Thomas Ballantine Not in Photo
Abigail Chambers
Victoria Cousley
Helena Cunningham
Matthew Currie

Ellen Hamilton Not in Photo
Kaelum Irvine
Timothy Johnston
Charlotte Montgomery Not in Photo



This is a fabulous display of the ability of our pupils. Year 12 pupils should be proud of their achievements and of the credit they are to the school. I want to pay tribute to excellent relationships that exist at all levels and that pupils work in collaboration with the staff of Rainey who always seek to serve each individual’s best interests. Congratulations to our pupils, staff and parents who have helped us to maintain our excellent outcomes.