RESults Summer School 2016

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Thank you to everyone who took part in this year’s RESults Summer School. During the first two weeks in August, 68 local primary school children were involved. Held at the school, the children received numeracy and literacy tuition along with coaching in a variety of sports.


The aim of the Summer School was to provide children with a fun and stimulating learning experience. Numeracy and Literacy tuition was interspersed with coaching in a variety of sports such as hockey, rugby, football, tennis and badminton. Tuition was carried out by Mark Montgomery, a local primary school teacher and the sports coaching was led by Caoimhe McCoy, a qualified PE teacher.

The children participated in an action packed programme and Mark Montgomery, who was responsible for delivering numeracy and literacy tuition said, “This was a great opportunity for primary school children to come and familiarise themselves with the Rainey and some of the staff who work here.”

To end each week an Olympic themed sports competition was organised with all the children taking part in a variety of games. All the children were presented all the with medals and certificates.