AS Level results at Rainey Endowed School were excellent

AS Level results at Rainey Endowed School were excellent


Our pupils have built upon their prior success at GCSE in 2017 and we commend them for their hard work and success. These are the best AS results for Rainey Endowed School pupils over the past number of years.


The demanding nature of our society for achievement and success is met squarely and directly by all those from Rainey Endowed School. We are particularly pleased with the depth of quality shown by our pupils. We look forward to these AS results being substantiated into full ‘A’ Levels next year, opening the prospects of our pupils for years to come.



  • 1 pupil achieved four grade A passes:

Alana Atkinson


  • 14 pupils achieved three A grades: (*Not in Photo)

Ellie Beattie*

Rachel Caulfield

Daniel Clarke

Jonathan Drennan

James Ferguson*

David Gregg

Laura Gregg

Erin Henry

Tom Hughes

Naomi Kelso Mason

Christopher O’Neill

Emma Payne

Bethany Scott

Katie-Rose Thompson


  • A further 27 pupils achieved two A grades: (*Not in Photo)

Ben Aspell*

Ben Barfoot

Calum Bolton

Bronagh Boyle

Jemima Brown

Megan Clarke

Bryn Davis

Callum Donnelly

David Dripps

Lydia Eakin

Adele Farmer

Daniel Fulton

Lucy Gilmour

Jessica Henderson

Ella McCaffrey

Rachel McClure

Gary McErlean*

Michael McFarland*

Sara McKeown

Zac McMenemy*

Kyle Scott

Sara Semple

Kirstin Thom

Emily Ussher*

Karl Warner

Courtney Weir

Hannah Wilson